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storage of stem cells

febrero 20, 2019

An umbilical cord blood bank is a center specialized in the storage of Hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood of newborns


The use of cord stem cells for what is known as regenerative medicine is premature even in the country, but it awakens advocates and detractors both among doctors and scientists and among future parents who are debating whether or not to store umbilical cord blood. moment of the birth of your child

How long can stem cells be preserved? In theory the conservation of cells is indefinite, but the reality is that to date, it has been demonstrated that stem cells stored for 18 years have been transplanted successfully.

Your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells can also be effective in treating certain diseases or conditions of a parent or sibling. Umbilical cord stem cells have similar capacity to treat disease such as bone marrow, but with much less rejection


Collection and conservation of stem cells. The umbilical cord has gone from being discarded after childbirth to acquire a greater role for the medical possibilities that allows the conservation of its stem cells. Know your applications and the collection process