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Car insurance

marzo 4, 2019


5 things you should know before choosing your car insurance
bring license either expired or current good not all insurance companies cover the sinister crashes.

When we do not bring a license it is important that regardless of the channel through which we contract our policy, whether it is an insurance agent, maybe it is the bank or maybe it is directly the insurer we give you the general conditions, the general details explain the coverage in the cut. the coverage we see everything that is embodied in the cover of the
policy is what covers us but also comes a section called exclusions there appears if we occupy or do not occupy the license to cover the incident do not let ourselves be carried away by the myth that everyone covers or that maybe this company does cover
let’s read it personally

drivers under 25 years of age insurance companies have classified under-25s as drivers who drive in a certain way
more imprudent is important to check if the company where we are hiring has that rule if you do not have to change the company for whom it is regulated, for whom it is important to know. good for parents who hire a policy of
insurance and that normally lend the vehicle to your children if this is the case, or is your case looking for an insurance company that does not have this rule or this restriction, what happens if we had the
restriction and a minor who drives has a good sinister if we do not declare that there was a 25 year old driver what happens is that they pay us at another price.

our vehicle is to say yes in the book
zoom has a specific price 100 thousand pesos with this rule, applying it would pay us 70 percent of the value of the vehicle. do not risk being given less for your vehicle but also know the fact of declaring it has an increase in the rate, look for insurers, get close with your agent, come with us and we will have the correct options so that you have insurance that includes coverage for your children.